Jimpress Grading System

La qualité d'enregistrement des albums live est estimée par la norme Jimpress.

E+: Excellent+, cd quality                                                  

E: Excellent, top quality analogue source

VG+: Very good +, vinyl, very slight noise / distortion

VG: Very good, generally good but not professional quality

G+: All instruments audible, some distortion

G: Good, all instruments audible with excessive hiss,  compressed sound or distortion

R: Reasonable, fair instrument balance, but sound quality below avarage

F: Fair, poor balance, at least one instrument inaudible, bad distortion

P: Poor, only main instrument clearly audible (e.g. guitar or vocals), 
very distorted with bad hall ambience

A: Abysmal, virtually inaudible                     http://www.jimpress.co.uk/