Contributions & Jam sessions

Blues at Midnight
Little Wing
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Three Little Bears (part 1)
Three Little Bears (part 2)
Instrumental Jam
Stormy Monda
Blues in C
New York (Cafe Au Go Go) with Paul Butterfield & Elvin Bishop, 1968 March 17

Doriella Du Fontaine
  Doriella du Fontaine
Doriella du Fontaine [Radio Edit]
Doriella du Fontaine [Instrumental]
Although this 1969 recording date was an impromptu affair, with Hendrix, Lightnin' Rod, and Buddy Miles improvising in the studio, the song is unique and tirelessly funky. Hendrix' grooving guitar playing is the perfect backdrop for Lightnin' Rod's truly imaginative lyrics that tell the outlandish tale of a prostitute.

Jimi Hendrix & Jack Bruce
12 bar in E jam 1 
Jam 1 part 2
12 bar in E jam 3 (actually in D)
12 bar blues in D
Jam in D
Everything is going to be alright
Sunshine of your love, riff 1
Jam 5
Sunshine of your love, riff 2
Midnight Lightning
Jimi Hendrix & Jack Bruce 17 oct 1968
Jimi Hendrix, Jack Bruce, Tim Mc Carthy & Buddy Miles in TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA

Jimi Hendrix & John Mc Laughin
Driving south
Everythings gonna be alright
Instrumental jam 1
Earth blues jam
Instrumental jam 2
The things i used to do take 1
Ships passing in the night
The things i used to do take 2 
Tracks 1 & 2: with John Mac Laughlin at Record Plant Studios , March 25, 1969
Tracks 3 to 8: with Johnny Winter at Record Plant Studios , May 7, 1969

Jimi Hendrix & Johnny Winter 1969 Jams
Instrumental Jam Earth Blues Jam
Things I used To Do
Instrumental Jam
Things I used To Do

Record Plant studios, NY, May 7, 1969

Jimi Hendrix & Larry Young Feb 1969

Young-Hendrix Jam
It's Too Bad
World Traveller
Larry Young Jam
Instrumental Jam

Jimi Hendrix & Love: Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Can't Find My Baby
I Can't Find It Without You
Walk Right In / Always See Your Face
Stay Away
Only You
See Myself In You
Slowtime Blues
Country Blues
All Along The Watchtower 1
All Along The Watchtower 2

Jimi Hendrix & Stephen Stills
San Francisco Bay Jam #1
San Francisco Bay Jam #2
San Francisco Bay Jam #3
San Francisco Bay Jam #4
Mellow Jam #1
Old Times, Good Times
Cool Jazz Jam
Middle East Jazz Blues Jam
Mellow Jam #2
Recorded 1968 May 21

Jimi Hendrix & The Isley Brothers: In The Beginning
Move Over And Let Me Dance (Part 1)
Have You Ever Been Disappointed (Part 1& 2)
Testify (Part 1& 2, alternate take)
Move Over And Let Me Dance (Part 1)
Wild Little Tiger #
The Last Girl
Simon Says #
Looking For A Love
Testify (Part 1& 2)
Move Over And Let Me Dance
Have You Ever Been Disappointed
The Last Girl
Looking For A Love
My Little Girl
Open Up Her Eyes
Love Is A Wonderful Thing
Footprints In The Snow
Who's That Lady
The Basement
My Little Girl (alternate version) 

Jimi Hendrix & Traffic: A Session
Jam Thing 
Guitar Thing
Session Thing

Jimi's Private Reels Vol.1
Country Blues (improvisation)
Country Blues (part two)
Room Full of Mirrors - Highway of Desire
Astro Man - Valley of Neptune
Power of Soul Money (That's What I Want) -TaJimi Boogie  
Recorded at Jimi’s apartment at 59 West, 12th Street,Greenwich Village, NY 21/01/1970
Jimi Hendrix (vocals&guitar)
Taj Mahal (on guitar)

Jimi's Private Reels Vol.2
Introduction by B.B. King
Like A Rolling Stone
San-Ho-Zay (part 1)
San-Ho-Zay (part 2) 
Instrumental Jam with Roy Buchanan
Instrumental Jam
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Villanova Junction Blues
New York (Generation Club) with BB King / New York (Electric Lady Studios)
1968 April 7 & 15 / 1970 June 15

The King's Jam
Like A Rolling Stone
Blues Jam #1 (Part 1)
Blues Jam #1 (Part 2)
Band Introduction by B.B. King
Blues Jam #2 (Part 1)
Blues Jam #2 (Part 2)
Blues Jam #3
It's My Own Fault  
Jimi Hendrix & B.B. King
April 9, 1968, Generation Club, NYC

Ronnie Scott's Club
Mother Earth
Tobacco Road 
Ronnie Scott's Club, London, UK with Eric Burdon and War, 1970, Sept 16 

Woke Up This Morning And Found Myself Dead

Red House
Woke up this Morning and Found Myself Dead
Bleeding Heart (Blues in C Sharp)
Tomorrow Never Knows
Morrison's Lament
Uranus Rock
Outside Woman Blues
Sunshine of Your Love 
New York City 1968 (Scene Club) featuring Jim Morrison..totally drunk.
  • Jimi Hendrix – guitar, vocals
  • Lester Chambers – harmonica
  • Jim Morrison - vocals
  • Buddy Miles - drums
  • Other musicians remain unknown