3 Nights At Winterland
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, USA
10, 11 & 12 Oct 1968

Label: Reclamation 
Disc 1: 1st show 10th October 1968

Intro/Tune-up (0:24)
Are You Experienced (7:36)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (7:38)
Red House (14:51)
Foxy Lady (6:12)
Like A Rolling Stone (9:44)
(This Is America) The Star Spangled Banner (5:27)
Purple Haze (6:01)

Disc 2: 2nd show 10th October 1968

Intro/Tune-up (2:28)
Tax Free (13:33)
Lover Man (4:27)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:09)
Getting My Heart Back Together Again (Hear My Train A Comin') (12:57)
Killing Floor (9:19)
Hey Joe (5:31)
(This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (6:32)
Purple Haze (5:59)

Disc 3: 1st show 11th October 1968

Intro (2:02)
Are You Experienced (17:05)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:14)
Red House (11:50)
Foxy Lady (5:44)
(This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (6:32)
Purple Haze (5:59)

Disc 4: 2nd show 11th October 1968

Intro (0:29)
Tax Free/Drum& Bass (20:32)
Spanish Castle Magic (11:05)
Like A Rolling Stone (11:32)
Lover Man (5:39)
Hey Joe (5:13)
Fire (4:44)
Foxy Lady (5:13)
Purple Haze (5:53)

Disc 5: 1st show 12th October 1968

Intro (2:29)
Fire (3:47)
Lover Man (5:37)
Like A Rolling Stone (12:14)
Foxy Lady (6:53)
Drum/Bass Jam (8:58)
Tax Free (8:14)
Hey Joe (6:50)
Purple Haze (3:39)
Wild Thing (3:28)

Disc 6: 2nd show 12th October 1968

Intro (1:32)
Foxy Lady (8:22)
Manic Depression (5:55)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:07)
Little Wing (4:40)
Spanish Castle Magic (7:06)
Red House (12:08)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (7:02)
(This Is America) Star Spangled Banner (4:57)
Purple Haze (7:02)

51st Anniversary (The Story Of Life)
Raretés studio et live de 1965 à 1970
Disc 1:
Collage (songs & interviews)
Hey Joe
Jimi Interview
How Would You Feel
Love Or Confusion
Sgt Peppers Lonlely Heart Club Ban
All Along The Watchtower
Little Wing 3
Electric Church Red House
Spanish Castle Magic
Hear My Train A Comin
Rock N Roll Band
Stepping Stone (Band of Gypsies)
My Dairy
The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Little Miss Lover
Foxy Lady
Catfish Blues
Slow Walkin Talk 

Disc 2:
Traffic Jam
Hey Baby Jam
Jazz Jam
Moonlight Jam
Studio Catastrophe
Valley Of Neptune (Take 2)
Rainy Day Super Jam
Nervous Breakdown
Captain Coconut And Cherokee Mist Jam MLK
Crash Landing
  Disc 3:
Lover Man
Voodoo Chile
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Red House
First Jam

Disc 4:
7 Dollars In My Pocket
Devil Jam (Winter Jam)
Lover Man
Midnight Lightning I
Further On Up The Road
The Things I Used To Do
One I Had A Woman
Machine Gun
Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You
Country Blues
  Disc 5:
Midnight Lightning
Lower Alcatraz
There Goes Easy Rider and 7 Dollars In My Pocket
Heavy Rider Jam (Ezy Rider Jam)
Easy Blues
Gypsy Boy
Peace In Mississippi
Bluesiana Jam (BB King Slow Instrumental Jam)

Disc 6:
Two Guitar Jam
San Francisco Bay Blues Jam
Gypsy Eyes
Cherokee Mist
The Street Thing
In From The Storm
Somewhere Over The Rainbow II
Belly Button Window
Captain Coconut and Cherokee Mist
Rider Blues
Electric Ladyland Theme
Jazzy Jamming (Southern Saturn Delta)
  Disc 7:
She's So Fine
Axis Bold As Love
Up From The Skies
Love Jam (Jazz Jimi Jam)
Electric Ladyland Jam
Pass It On
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
Stone Free
Hey Joe
Red House
Ezy Rider
New Rising Sun Theme (Instrumental)

Disc 8:
Getting My Heart Back Together Again
Spanish Castle Magic
Purple Haze
Tax Free
Message To Love
Red House
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
Machine Gun
Hey Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun)

Astro Man
Studio (vol 1-2-3) + "Musicorama", Olympia, Paris, France (vol 4) / Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden (vol 5-6)

Label: Alchemy Entertainment 
  Studio Outtakes Vol.1 1966-1968

01. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 03:36
02. Purple Haze #1 02:58
03. La Poupée Qui Fait Non 03:42
04. Come On 02:54
05. One Rainy Wish 03:44
06. Angel 03:11
07. Look Over Yonder 02:54
08. 51st Anniversary 03:17
09. Can You See Me 02:32
10. Cat Talkin' To Me 02:46
11. Red House Takes 1-4 10:44
12. Fire 02:32
13. Purple Haze #2 02:39
14. I Don't Live Today Takes 1-4 15:32


Studio Outtakes Vol.2 1969

01. Lover Man 04:28
02. The Things I Used To Do 04:06
03. Instrumental Jam (Rock And Roll Jam) 01:22
04. Midnight Lightning Jam 11:57
05. Izabella 02:55
06. Ezy Rider Take #1 03:43
07. Stepping Stone 07:12
08. It's Too Bad 06:36
09. World Traveller 08:01
10. Larry Young Jam (Young/Hendrix) 10:24
11. Room Full Of Mirrors 03:13 


Studio Outtakes Vol.3 1969-70

01. Ezy Rider 04:21
02. Room Full Of Mirrors 02:59
03. Earth Blues 04:12
04. Highway Of Broken Hearts 14:16
05. Bleeding Heart 03:14
06. Freedom 03:59
07. Valleys Of Neptune 04:28
08. Further On Up The Road (w.Astro Man intro_end) 01:56
09. Dolly Dagger 04:01
10. Astro Man 11:19
11. Send My Love To Linda 01:25
12. Drifter's Escape 03:01
13. Midnight Lightning Jam 06:16
14. Lover Man 02:56 


Paris Jan 29th 1968 with Experience

01. Killing Floor 04:25
02. Experiencing The Blues 08:34
03. Foxy Lady 05:41
04. Red House 04:38
05. Driving South 08:57
06. The Wind Cries Mary 04:07
07. Fire 04:06
08. Little Wing 04:06
09. Purple Haze 05:49 


Stockholm First Show Jan 9th '69

01. Killing Floor 07:51
02. Spanisg Castle Magic 07:49
03. Fire 02:52
04. Hey Joe 04:14
05. Voodoo Chile 14:27
06. Red House 11:03
07. Sunshine Of Your Love 07:37 


Stockholm Second Show Jan 9th '69

01. I Don't Live Today w. introduction 11:25
02. Spanish Castle Magic 06:13
03. Hey Joe 06:34
04. Voodoo Chile 10:31
05. Sunshine Of Your Love 11:26
06. Red House 11:47
07. Fire 03:41
08. Purple Haze 04:00
09. Star Spangled Banner 03:19 

Black Gold 

Black Gold Volume 1

Disc 1
I Was Made To Love Her/Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Part 1 & 2)  8:35
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) [The Session: takes 1-15]  32:43
Long Hot Summer Night (Part 1 & 2 ) [solo]  4:23
1983...  [solo]  4:00
Moon Turn The Tides...  [solo]  3:28
Angel  [solo]  3:22
Cherokee Mist  [solo]  3:12
Getting My Heart Back Together Again  [solo]  1:21
Voodoo Chile [solo]  6:07
Gypsy Eyes  [solo] I 5:53
Gypsy Eyes  [solo] II  4:14

Disc 2
South Saturn Delta 3:29
Rainy Day, Dream Away [overdub session take 1]  0:56
Rainy Day, Dream Away [take 2]  2:19
Rainy Day, Dream Away [take 3]  10:21
Third Stone From The Sun, Villanova Junction Blues  14:05
Jam Back At The House  5:47
Bleeding Heart  3:48
Pride Of Man [take 1]  1:28
Pride Of Man [take 2]  2:18
Midnight, Valleys Of Neptune Arising  [takes 1-7]  14:51
Sending My Heart To Linda [takes 1-2]  11:06 


Black Gold Volume 2

Disc 1
Had To Cry Today
Paper Airplanes  [rehearsals]
Blue Suede Shoes [jam]
Izabella [overdub session take 2]
Honey Bed [takes 1-5]

Disc 2
Mannish Boy  [rehearsals takes 1-7]
Closer To The Truth [Room Full Of Mirrors]
Black Gold Volume 3

Voodoo Chile  [Blues Session: takes 1-5]  36:44
Instrumental Jam  23:48
3 Little Bears  [solo]  2:38
Gypsy Eyes  [solo]  2:38
1983...  [solo]  4:27
Untitled Instrumental  0:44

Hendrix Live In Scandinavia vol. 1

Label: Voodoo Chile Records
Disc 1

Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
24 mai 1967

Introduction and Tune-up
Foxy Lady
Rock Me Baby
Hey Joe
Can You See Me
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
4 sept 1967

Introduction and Tune-up
Sgt Pepper
Rock Me Baby
Catfish Blues
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Interview 25th May 1967
Disc 2

Dans-In, Grona Lund, Tivoli Garden, Stockholm, Sweden
4 sept 1967

Tune-up and Introduction
Killing Floor
Foxy Lady
Catfish Blues
Hey Joe
The Wind Cried Mary
Jimi's Rap
Purple Haze
Disc 3

Tonårskväll, Studio 4 / Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden
5 sept 1967

Sgt Pepper
The Wind Cries Mary
Foxy Lady
Hey Joe
I Don't Live Today
Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Purple Haze
Interview 05/09/67 Noel, Mitch and Jimi
Disc 4

Stora Salen, Akademiska Foreningen, Lund, Sweden
10 sept 1967

Sgt Pepper
Foxy Lady
Catfish Blues
The Wind Cries Mary
Have Mercy
Manic Depression
Purple Haze

Stora Scenen, Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden
11 sept 1967

Introduction and Tune-up
Foxy Lady
Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Catfish Blues
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Disc 5

Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark
7 jan 1968

Sgt Pepper
Hey Joe
Catfish Blues
The Wind Cries Mary (aborted)
Purple Haze
Spanish Castle Magic
Wild Thing

Disc 6

Stora Salen, Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden
8 jan 1968

Introduction and Tune-up
Sgt Pepper
Up From The Skies
Spanish Castle Magic
Foxy Lady
Little Wing
Catfish Blues
The Wind Cries Mary

In The Studio
Studio 1967-1970

Label: Reclamation  

Vol 1

01-Wait Until Tomorrow
02-Spanish Castle Magic
03-Golden Rose (One Rainy Wish)
04-Ain't No Telling #1
05-South Saturn Delta
06-Little One #1
07-Little One #2
08-Castles Made Of Sand
09-Ain't No Telling #2
10-She's So Fine
11-Up From The Skies
12-Bold As Love
13-Little Miss Lover
14-Waterfall (May This Be Love)
15-Have You Ever Heard

  Vol 2

01-Valleys Of Neptune
02-Lover Man
03-Machine Gun
04-Trying To Be (Stepping Stone)-Earth Blues
05-Stepping Stone
06-Untitled Guitar Improvisation
07-Keep On Grooving (Midnight Lightning)
08-Come Down Hard On Me Baby
09-Drifters Escape
10-Belly Button Window
  Vol 3

01-Drifting (try out)
02-Keep On Groovin' Drifting (try out)
03-Midnight Lightnin' (try out)
04-Freedom (alternate take)
05-Cherokee Mist-In From The Storm
06-Valleys Of Neptune (instrumental)
07-Lil Dog Of Mine-Heaven Has No Sorrow (session)
08-Valleys Of Neptune (session)
09-Improvisation-Drifting(try Out)
10-Had To Cry Today
11-Angel (intro instrumental #1)
12-Angel (complete instrumental)
13-Angel (intro instrumental #2)
14-Drifting (alternate take)
15-Angel (alternate version complete with vocals)
16-Belly Button Window (instrumental)
  Vol 4

01-Lover Man
02-Message To Love
03-Izabella (take 2)
04-Bleeding Heart (blues in C sharp)
05-Izabella (take 1)
06-Blue Suede Shoes
07-Power of Soul (takes nos. 1 to 16)
  Vol 5

01-Bleeding Heart
02-Rainy Day Dream Away (false start)
03-Rainy Day Dream Away (practice session)
04-Rainy Day Dream Away-Still Raining, Still Dreaming
05-Send My Love To Linda-Live And Let Live
06-Mannish Boy-I'm A Man
  Vol 6

01-Cherokee Mist
02-Jam H290
03-Voodoo Chile
04-Ships Passing In The Night
05-Calling All Devil's Children Jam
  Vol 7

01-Jam including Stepping Stone, Sending My Love To Linda, Freedom, Here Comes The Sun, Cherokee Mist, All Devils Children
02-Closer To The Truth (Room Full Of Mirrors recital)
03-Jam Back At The House
04-Midnight, Valleys Of Neptune Arising
05-Pride Of Man (Bolero)
06-Pride Of Man (Bolero)
  Vol 8

01-Electric Church
02-Hear My Freedom
03-Honey Bed
04-Room Full Of Mirrors
05-All Along The Watchtower
06-Ezy Rider
07-Dolly Dagger
08-South Saturn Delta
09-Shame Shame Shame
10-Gypsy Blood
11-Sunshine Of Your Love
  Vol 9

02-1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)
03-Astro Man-Valleys Of Neptune
04-Gypsy Eyes
05-Cherokee Mist
06-Cherokee Mist-Gypsy Eyes
07-Power Of Soul
08-Long Hot Summer
09-Long Hot Summer
10-Hear My Train A Comin'
11-Hear My Train A Comin'
12-Gypsy Eyes (3rd take)
13-Gypsy Eyes (riff)
14-South Saturn Delta
15-3 Little Bears
16-1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be - instrumental)
17-Acoustic Jam
  Vol 10

01-Hey Joe
02-Purple Haze
03-Red House
04-Crosstown Traffic
05-Takin' Care Of Business
06-I Don't Live Today
07-Wind Cries Mary
08-One Rainy Wish (alternate mix)
09-La Poupee Qui Fait Non.
10-51st Anniversary
11-51st Anniversary
12-Can You See Me
13-Can You See

Kick Out The Jams

  Disc 1:

Club Filips, Stockholm 07.09.67: Jams I - XII

Scene Club, New York City, NY 18.03.68 [Jam with Jim Morrison a.o.]:
Red House
I'm Gonna Leave This Town Bleeding Heart
F.H.I.T.A. Jam [incl. "Tomorrow Never Knows" , "Outside Woman Blues"  & "Sunshine Of Your Love"]

Disc 2:

Unidentified New York City Night Club apr.1968:
Hoochie Coochie Man

Cafe Au Go-Go, New York City, NY 17.03.68:
Instrumental Jam
Drunk Again
Little Wing

  Disc 3:

Cafe Au Go-Go, New York City, NY 17.03.68
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Stormy Monday
Three Little Bears

Disc 4:

Generation Club, New York City, NY 07.04.68 [Jam with Buddy Guy]:

Generation Club, New York City, NY 15.04.68 [Jam with B.B.King]:
Ad Libbed Impromptu Blues (No Hendrix involvement
Kooper's Shuffle(No Hendrix involvement)
Like A Rolling Stone
San Ho Zay
Intro by B.B.King
Slow Blues

  Disc 5:

Generation Club, New York City, NY 15.04.68 [Jam with B.B.King]
Fast Blues
It's My Own Fault
Intro by B.B.King

Pop Expo '69, Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA 30.03.69 [Jam with Delaney & Bonnie]
Tuning up
Blues Jam
Room Full Of Mirrors

Tinker Street Cinema, Woodstock, NY 10.08.69:
The Dance
Jam (incl."Earth Blues")
Star Spangled Banner

Disc 6:

Ronnie Scott's Club, London 16.09.70 [Jam with Eric Burdon & War]:
Paint It Black (No Hendrix involvement)
Blackbird (No Hendrix involvement)
Spill The Wine (No Hendrix involvement)
Mystery Train (No Hendrix involvement)
Mother Earth
Tobacco Road

Mixdown MastersTapes
Various studio jams and outtakes 1967 - 1970
  Vol. 1:

01. Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice
02. Please Come Crawl Out Your Window
03. Calling All Devil's Children
04. Hear My Freedom (Electric Church Jam)
05. Star Spangled Banner
06. Machine Gun
07. Freedom Jam
08. Message From Nine To The Universe
  Vol. 2:

01. Untitled Instrumental Jam
02. Cat Talking To Me
03. Rainy Day
04. Rainy Day, Dream Away
05. Moon Turn The Tides...Gently, Gently Away
06. Heaven Has No Tomorrow
07. Valleys Of Neptune Arising
08. Valleys Of Neptune Arising
09. Three Little Bears & Villanova Junction Blues
10. Bleeding Heart
11. Bleeding Heart
12. Cherokee Mist
  Vol. 3:

01. Mushy Name
02. Crying Blue Rain
03. Alcatrazz
04. Country Blues
05. Villanova Junction Blues
06. Hey Gypsy Boy
07. Jimi/Jimi Jam
08. Three Little Bears
09. M.L.K & Cherokee Mist
  Vol. 4:

01. Young / Hendrix Jam
02. Machine Gun Take 1
03. Machine Gun Take 2
04. Hear My Train A-Comin'
05. Instrumental Jam 1
06. Ships Passing In The Night
07. Belly Button Window
08. Instrumental Jam 2
09. Heavy Jam / Instumental
10. Izabella

Sessions - And You'll Never Hear Surf Music Again


Stages is a box set consisting of live performances by Jimi Hendrix covering four years of his career. 

Label:  Warner Bros. Records 

"Tonårskväll", Studio 4 / Radiohuset, Stockholm, Sweden 
1967 Sept 5

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band
Hey Joe
I Don't Live Today
The Wind Cries Mary
Foxy Lady
The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Purple Haze
  "Musicorama", Olympia, Paris, France
1968 Jan 29

Killing Floor
Catfish Blues
Foxy Lady
Red House
Driving South
The Wind Cries Mary
Little Wing
Purple Haze
  International Sports Arena, San Diego, California, USA
1969 May 24

Hey Joe
Spanish Castle Magic/Sunshine of your love
Red House
I don't live today
Star spangled banner
Purple Haze
Voodoo Chlid (slight return) 
  "2nd Annual Atlanta International Pop Festival",  Gainesville, Georgia, USA 
1970 July 4

Lover man
Spanish castle magic
Foxy lady
Purple Haze
Hear my train comin'
Stone free
Star spangled banner
Straight ahead
Room full of mirrors
Voodoo child (slight return)

Studio 69

The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Deluxe)
This 4 cd box set includes alternate recordings, live performances and some rarities.

Label: MCA Records
Disc 1

Purple Haze (Studio Version) 3:26
Killing Floor (Olympia 18/10/1966) 3:05
Hey Joe (Olympia 18/10/1966) 2:52
Foxey Lady 3:26
Highway Chile 3:39
Hey Joe 3:06
Title #3 2:12
Third Stone From The Sun 9:18
Taking Care Of No Business 3:42
Here He Comes [Lover Man] 3:02
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 1:30
If Six Was Nine 5:57
Rock Me Baby (Monterey)
Like A Rolling Stone(Monterey)
Disc 2

Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band 1:51
Burning Of The Midnight Lamp 4:06
Little Wing 3:23
Little Miss Lover 2:21
The Winds Cries Mary (Olympia 09/09/1967) 4:11
Catfish Blues (Olympia 09/09/1967) 5:27
Bold As Love 7:08
Sweet Angel 4:11
Fire 2:42 (live at Clark University)
Somewhere 3:48
[Have You Ever Been To] Electric Ladyland 1:28
Gypsy Eyes 3:42
Room Full Mirror 1:25
Gloria 8:52
It's Too Bad 8:52
Star Spangled Banner 4:12
Disc 3

Stone Free 3:43
Spanish Castle Magic 5:48
Hear My Train A Comin' 6:56
Room Full Of Mirrrors 7:55
I Don't Live Today 6:32
Little Wing 3:15 (cf In The West)
Red House (San Diego Arena 25/05/1969)
Purple Haze (San Diego Arena 25/05/1969)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Izabella 3:39
Disc 4

Message To Love3:35
Earth Blues 4:08
Astro Man 4:11
Country Blues 8:26
Freedom 3:51
Johnny B. Goode (Berkeley 30/05/1970)
Lover Man 2:56
Blue Suede Shoes (Berkeley 30/05/1970)
Cherokee Mist 6:02
Come Down Hard On Me 3:18
Hey Baby / In From The Storm (Hawai 30/07/1970) 8:56
Eze Ryder 3:43
Night Bird Flying 4:24
All Along The Watchtower 4:22
In From The Storm 4:19
Slow Blues

The Last Experience
Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England  1969, Feb 24..un concert extraordinaire!
Disc 1

Lover Man
Stone Free
Getting my heart back together again
I Don't Live Today
Red House
Foxy Lady
Hear my train a comin'
Sunshine of your love
Bleeding Heart
Disc 2

Litlle Wing
Voodoo Child (slight return)
Room full of mirrors
Purple Haze
Smashing of amps
Star spangled banner/Smashing of the amps
Bleeding Heart
Room full of mirrors
Hey Joe
Hound Dog - take 1
Hound Dog - take 2
Hound Dog - take 3
Voodoo Child (slight return)
Getting My Heart Back Together
Disc 3

Tax Free
Getting My Heart Back Together
Foxy Lady
Red House
Sunshine of your love
Spanish Castle Magic
Star spangled banner/Purple Haze
Voodoo Child (slight return)

Unsurpassed Masters
1969 and 1970 studio sessions
Disc 1

01-13 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Sessions 32:39
04-18 Rainy Day Dream Away Sessions 10:48
19-32 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 1) 27:29
Disc 2

01-17 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 2) 30:26
18-30 Mannish Boy Sessions (Part 3) 34:22
Disc 3

01 Jammin With Devon 3:22
02-04 Izabella Overdub Sessions 6:41
05-09 Honeybed (Including Nightbird Flying) 9:13
10 Beginnings 5:46
11 Bleeding Heart 3:55
12 Bolero 6:06
13 Crash Landing 4:44
14 Somewhere 4:22
15 Peace in Mississippi 4:52
16 Stone Free (Again) 4:12
17 Message to Love 3:55
18 Come Down Hard on Me Baby 3:56
19 Power of Soul 4:07
20 MLK 4:36
21 Power of Soul (Edit) 1:34  
Disc 4

01-20 Power of Soul Sessions 35:08
21-24 How Can I Live Sessions 19:38  
Disc 5

01-05 Power of Soul Sessions (Part 2) 13:36
06-10 Send My Love to Linda/Live and Let Live Sessions 15:10
11 Jimi on Bass 6:22
12-32 Bolero/Come Down Hard on Me Baby/Midnight Lightning Sessions 37:20